The Underground Adventure


Artery Postmodern Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

When I was small, I always loved to walk along the paddy fields at the back of my house venturing as far as I could go and have a glance at my own house from that particular viewpoint. Interestingly, I found out that the further I walked, the smaller my house would become. I still remember how much fun I had when watching my own house gradually changed, magically becoming smaller and smaller. All that excitement, however, had to be paid off with some wounds from falling, getting pricked by thorns or some other minor accidents had it not from walking barefoot; my feet as small as they seemed, donning a stick and a slingshot in my hands.


Those childhood adventures help me see the everyday views from different angles. It gives me some wild inspiration to start wandering through streets and alleys, searching for abandoned buildings in the ever busy city and start to leave stories of my own adventures on those empty walls.


In those old neglected places, not only that the peeling walls would bare the spray paints, as if the color is vanishing through the wall, but the decaying architecture and people that live around there too seem to merge into one another. Nonetheless, lights flashing from cars and advertising cutouts that flash through from time to time made me look at it in a whole refreshingly different kind of perspective; the idea of the polarity of vitality and decadence, brightness and the darkness. Often times, it also made me think of the connection between the world above the earth, and the world in the underground.